Completed Projects - residential

Indigo Park, Nashik

Finally a residence that Lives up to You. Presenting Indigo a living atmosphere that mirrors your distinctive individuality while offering you countless occasions to explore your family all over again. A mark of the upper crust indulgence, Indigo is an urban habitation where life takes a whole new significance where every bit of living touches you while you unwind lost in squeals of your child's laughter, where each day is a sweet experience as you stumble upon new ways of falling in love with your wife where every moment is as priceless as you dream and everyday an invitation to create a lifetime of memories. A perfect space to cherish all the perfect moments of your life.

Grandeur, Nashik

Thakkers Grandeur is the landmark dominating the Nashik skyline with majestic avant-garde slendo. The project is located at College Road, the most prominent residential location of Nashik and being here is like living at the centre of facet of a contemporary lifestyle. At Grandeur you enjoy an unrivaled status, where an exclusive world is created to elevate your lifestyle quotient with best-in-class comforts and amenities. Grandeur invites you to live a life only a handful will have the privilege to enjoy and a home you will be PROUD TO CALL YOUR OWN

Thakkers Treasure, Nashik

Located In One Of The Most Happening Areas In The City. Project Placed On College Road, Yet Offers The Serene Surroundings. Spacious Rooms And Elegant Styling, Makes Your Home A Place As Big As The Name Grandeur! Stay Like A King Indeed!

Thakkers Enclave, Nashik

Driven by ambition, you have put in countless hours of hard work to ensconce a place you can call your own, a place you can call: Home! One that is laced with all the modern comforts is conveniently located and offers a life of serenity yet it is easy on pocket. Welcome to Thakkers Enclave. Smart Living starts here.

Nishigandha Avenue, Nashik

You always wanted to connect with nature, yet never away from the heart of the action. You always sought a life of luxury without stretching your budget. You always dreamt of leading a comfortable life with your loved ones without compromising on your social commitments. All your wishes, desires, dreams and ambitions have been granted. Welcome to Nishigandh Avenue. Welcome to an inclusive life.

Thakkers Harmony, Nashik

Life is defined by balance: The balance of nature's abundance and limitless opportunities of urban living, the balance of luxury and convenience and the balance of family moments and solitude. Live in true balance at Thakkers Harmony.

Showcasing some of our prestigious milestones :

  • Hare Rama Hare Krishna Housing Society, Shingada Talav
  • Kishor Co.Op.Housing Society 1, Shingada Talav
  • Kishor Co.Op.Housing Society 2, Shingada Talav
  • Saidev, Old Gangapur Naka, Thakker Nagar, Gangapur Road
  • Gaurav Apt, Old Gangapur Naka, Thakker Nagar, Gangapur Road
  • Divyalok, Old Gangapur Naka, Thakker Nagar, Gangapur Road
  • Manahor Market, Shingada Talav
  • Manjeet Society, Peth Road
  • Saint Frnsic Highschool, Tramkbak Road
  • Nishant Apt, Thakker Nagar
  • Mahankale Complex, Panchavati
  • Adwait Apt, Shingada Talav
  • Raj - Rikki Apt, Wadala Road
  • Anunaya Apt, Mahatma Nagar
  • Ramrajya - 4, Mahatma Nagar
  • Ramrajya - 5, Mahatma Nagar
  • Ramrajya - 8, Mahatma Nagar
  • Thakkers Pride - A, Nashik-Pune Road
  • Thakkers Pride - B, Nashik-Pune Road
  • Raymond Steel Housing Colony, Wadivrhe
  • Yellow Rose, Dwarka
  • Chourang Apt, Vinay Nagar
  • Police Housing, Pathardi Phata
  • Thakkers Retreat A, Ganagapur Road
  • Thakkers Retreat B, Ganagapur Road
  • Thakkers Retreat C, Ganagapur Road
  • Thakkers Retreat D, Ganagapur Road
  • Thakkers Retreat E, F, G, Ganagapur Road
  • Thakkers Retreat H, Ganagapur Road
  • Thakkers Retreat I, Ganagapur Road
  • Thakkers Pride, Nashik-Puna Road
  • Four Villa, Vinay Nagar
  • Pooja Apt, Thakker Nagar
  • Manohar Nagar Row Houses (K & L), Govind Nagar
  • Manohar Nagar - A, Govind Nagar
  • Manohar Nagar - B, Govind Nagar
  • Tilak Complex, Canada Corner
  • Gurupooja Apt, Hirawadi
  • Abhijit Apt, Shingada Talav
  • Abhijit Apt 2 A, B, C, Shingada Talav
  • four Villa, Vinay Nagar
  • Avishkar Apt, Shingada Talav
  • Rudraksh Apt, Dwarka
  • Abhimanyu Apt, Shingada Talav
  • Thakkers Glory, College Road
  • Thakkers Buzzr Nashik, CBS
  • Thakkers Gem, Bhadrakali
  • Thakkers Gaity, Ashok Nagar Satpur
  • Thakker Nagar Row House, Thakker Nagar
  • Abhishek Apt, Thakker Nagar
  • Thakkers Homage, Tidke Colony
  • Ramrajya - 7, Mahatma Nagar
  • Purab Pachim Plaza, Trimurti, Cidco
  • Bhavsangam Row Houses, Hirawadi, Panchavati
  • Thakkers Treasure A, Thakker Nagar, Pandit colony
  • Thakkers Treasure B, Thakker Nagar, Pandit colony
  • Thakkers Treasure C, Thakker Nagar, Pandit colony
  • Thakkers Treasure D, Thakker Nagar, Pandit colony
  • Ramrajya - 6, Mahatma Nagar
  • Nishigandh A B C, Untawadi Road
  • Sant - B, Shingada Talav
  • Ramrajya - 1, Mahatma Nagar
  • Shudhodhan Apt, Thakker Nagar
  • Khetwani - D, Untawadi Road
  • Harmony A & B, Takali Road
  • Nexus Point Nashik, Mahatma Nagar
  • Nexus Point Nagpur, Vidhan Bhavan, Nagpur
  • Indigo Park (Luxury Flats), Govind Nagar
  • Grandeur, College Road
  • Harmony C1 & C2, Takali Road
  • EVA Luxuria Phase I, Takali Road, Dwarka