The legend who gave birth to a glorious tradition

He is widely respected as a pioneer who founded one of the largest real estate business organizations in Maharashtra. He has explored most parts of the world through his various tours. But, the first travel in his life was at the very early age of 10 that too, not for recreation but to do a ton of drudgery in his maternal uncle’s grocery shop.

And, that’s how the journey of Shri. Manohardas Thakker started with humble beginnings. He toiled from dawn to dusk in the grocery shop and looked at every hardship as an opportunity.

Around the age of 20, the young Manohardas ventured to independently run a rationing shop in Nashik. The experience he earned during his stint as a ration shop keeper, gave him a stepping stone to take a leap to a new field of business contracting. Doing business by strictly adhering to his own ideals of probity and humanity has always remained his earnest passion from which he has never deviated.

Shri. Mahohardasji celebrated his 85th birthday on 26th June, 2011. People are wonder struck to see him attending the Thakkers Corporate Office with youthful smile and enthusiasm every day. He has been a guiding light and a source of inspiration to his sons and grandsons and the people around him to take his tradition of piety and sublimity in business further and further.


Managing Director

Born in 1958, Mr. Rajendra Thakker, had the privilege of learning his early practical lessons in realty business straight from his illustrious father, who has been a pioneer of real estate development as an organized business activity in the city of Nashik.

As the Managing Director of Thakkers Developers, Rajendra Thakker has acquired vast experience and a thorough understanding of Nashik's requirement and market demand. He has relentlessly worked to shape the best projects in Nashik, while maintaining a fast paced growth trajectory for the company.

Thakker's Buzz'R is one such project, with as many as 650 shops, which was completed under his stellar leadership within 13 months as against 31 months stipulated by MSRTC in the BOT Agreement of the project. This is being regarded as a pilot project by the ST-Corporation and similar projects are either being executed or are under execution in 15 towns in various Districts in the State. This project has bagged the Best PPP (Public Private Partnership) Building Award of the Builders’ Association of India.

Under his leadership the group has completed more than 86 projects so far.
He has made enormous contribution to CREDAI Nashik. He is member of the management committee since 2008 and currently he is serving as the Vice President of CREDAI Nashik.



Shri. Narendra Manohardas Thakker specialises in Real Estate, Liaison and Land Transactions. He is popularly respected for his unique combination of business acumen and social service.

Over the last 5 decades, the Thakkers Group holds a large land stock and is rightly regarded as the most reliable land bank. Shri Narendrabhai is the group's specialist when it comes to land transactions. He also deserves the credit for building business ethics in land dealings.

It is his personal achievement that provides immense satisfaction and assurance to the seller as well as buyer in any land transaction. It is his vision on which grows the expanding urbanization in the region and resultant lifestyle revolution of the new generation.

Shri. Narendrabhai is actively associated with various social, religious, educational and cultural activities. One of these activities, which deserve a special mention, is the regular Annachhatra in Panchavati where 400 to 500 needy people are given meals every day.

Shri. Narendrabhai’s outstanding contribution in the field of education is evident in his associations with the Panchavati Education Society. Since 1997, he has worked as its President and is currently Treasurer of this institution, which runs four schools with over 4000 students.



Shri. Nishant Rajendra Thakker is a well-qualified Civil Engineer having obtained his degree of B.E. (Civil) from the University of Pune. After passing his BE examination he also completed his Post Graduation in Business Management from SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai before joining Thakkers Group. Since then, he has assumed the important responsibility as Director in the Group’s flagship, Thakkers Developers Ltd., in charge of projects, sales and marketing, construction and infrastructure.

His knowledge of Civil Engineering coupled with his studious nature has enabled him to adopt new approaches and techniques which are greatly helpful in furthering the Group’s specialty of innovativeness. He is known for his result-oriented work ethics, devotion to duty and hard-working nature. In less than a decade, he has created his own niche of suppliers, consultants and customers at large by the virtue of his skills and expertise. Thanks to his meticulous project planning, the group is growing by leaps and bounds.

With this upbeat attitude, he is taking the Thakkers Group's success to new heights!


Head - Marketing & Finance

  • • Transactions head at Thakkers Group

  • • Director of Asian Food products Ltd, Shreekalavti

  • • Farms Pvt Ltd, Pratap Marketing Pvt Ltd

  • • Promoter at Mansi Farm Pvt Ltd, TDL, Jamuna

  • • Horticulture, Vadskyrealty Pvt Ltd,

  • • Vadskydevelopers Pvt Ltd

  • • Successfully acquired properties and implementing projects in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Vadodara

  • • Successfully running 2 TVS showrooms - Manohar Auto & Variyan Auto

  • • Developing 170 keys hotel at Mumbai Naka Nashik

  • • CREDAI National Co- Chairman - Events

  • • Hon Secretary- CREDAI Nashik Metro

  • • Founder member- Divya Chetana Social foundation



Shri. Gaurav Jitendra Thakker has completed his Bachelor's degree in Commerce from the University of Pune. To gain a wider global footprint, he completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Managementwith a specialization in Marketing from the U.K


Shri. Gauravbhai has brought a global vision to the business activity of the Thakkers Group. He is currently looking after various business verticals like Real Estate, Hospitality, and Automobiles. As a Transactions Head at Thakkers Group, he is looking after marketing and finance. He is also involved in the functioning of reputed industry bodies likeCREDAI.

Nashik is one ofthe most rapidly developing cities in India. It is fast developing as a major center in various fields such as industry, commerce, education, real estate, infrastructure, etc. Gauravbhai's vision is to bring about multi-city development byjoining Nashik with other urban centers and further speeding up the growth ofthese activities.

His extrovert, energetic, friendly nature, with his professional training in PR, has helped the company to have good relations across all sections of society. His business acumen has been an excellent asset to expand the Group's business interests in Nashik District and other parts of the country, especially in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Under his leadership, the company is expanding in Mumbai in a big way.


Head - Corporate Planning & Finance

Abhishek is the youngest Director to join the Thakkers Group. He has obtained his B.Com degree from the University of Pune. He then went to study at the University of Reading, Henley Business School, UK. He has also studied at Harvard Business School of Management and London School of Economics.

Shri. Abhishekbhai, looks after Corporate Planning and Finance in Thakkers Developers Ltd.

He views Nashik as the preferred investment destination for people who want to invest in realty. He believes Nashik is the ideal location because of its salubrious climate and immense scope for development, apart from being a major educational, commercial and industrial centre. Earlier, there was only a strip of development between the cities of Mumbai and Pune. With Nashik joining these two cities, what has emerged is a Golden Triangle providing infinite potential of development for Nashik.

High education, observation and study in an affluent and developed foreign countries such as USA and UK have enriched the thinking and vision of Shri. Abhishekbhai. He naturally wants to exploit the opportunities of development, progress and prosperity that have already begun in Nashik. The Thakkers Group will certainly make it big with him as a source of new force!


Legal Head at Thakkers Developers Ltd

Vidhi Thakker Shah is a distinguished legal professional with a rich academic background and extensive experience in the legal field. Holding the position of Legal Head at Thakkers Developers Ltd., she has been instrumental in steering the legal affairs of the company with finesse and expertise.


Vidhi Thakker Shah earned her BA.LLB degree from the prestigious Symbiosis Law School, renowned for its excellence in legal education. Her academic journey laid a solid foundation for her career in law, equipping her with a comprehensive understanding of legal principles and practices.

Driven by a quest for continuous learning and professional growth, Vidhi pursued additional courses from the esteemed London School of Economics. These courses provided her with valuable insights into international legal frameworks and enhanced her analytical and problem-solving skills.

Professional Experience

At Thakkers Developers Ltd., Vidhi Thakker Shah holds the pivotal role of Legal Head, where she leads a dynamic team of legal professionals. With her astute legal acumen and strategic vision, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, mitigating legal risks, and safeguarding the interests of the company.

Vidhi's expertise spans across various facets of corporate law, real estate regulations, contract negotiations, and dispute resolution. Her proactive approach to legal challenges, coupled with her ability to devise innovative solutions, has contributed significantly to the success and growth of Thakkers Developers Ltd.

Key Competencies

  • Strategic Legal Counsel: Vidhi possesses a keen understanding of business objectives and adeptly aligns legal strategies to support organizational goals.

  • Regulatory Compliance: She navigates complex regulatory landscapes with ease, ensuring adherence to legal requirements and best practices.

  • Contract Management: Vidhi excels in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts, safeguarding the interests of the company in all business transactions.

  • Dispute Resolution: Her proficiency in dispute resolution mechanisms enables her to resolve conflicts efficiently, minimizing legal exposure and preserving corporate reputation.

  • Team Leadership: As the head of the legal team, Vidhi fosters a culture of collaboration, mentorship, and excellence, nurturing talent and driving professional development initiatives.

Vidhi Thakker Shah stands out as a dynamic and accomplished legal professional, renowned for her integrity, expertise, and dedication to excellence. With her stellar academic background, diverse skill set, and proven track record, she continues to be a driving force behind the legal success of Thakkers Developers Ltd., setting new benchmarks of excellence in the field of corporate law.